Builín Blasta Menu


Suki loose leaf Tea                  €2.40    

Irish breakfast, earl grey, 

camomile, green, mint, 

white, chai, mate, 

lapsang souchong, 

rooibos, pu erh




americano or decaf           €2.40

iced coffee                          €2.80

espresso                             €2.40

latte                                     €2.60

flat white                            €2.80

cappuccino                        €2.80

mocha                                 €2.80


hot chocolate    €2.80


& cream




soft drinks €1.90

water still or sparkling €2.00

orange juice    €2.00

apple juice glass €2.00         

bottle       €5.00


 High Tea                    


Connemara High Tea      €5.00                                         

scone with compote, 

butter, cream, tea 

or coffee


 Chowder with breads 


Irish seafood chowder   €6.50                             
with prawns, smoked  

haddock & organic 

salmon stock                                                                          




hot bacon, fried onions,   €8.50c 

tomatoes & cheddar 

on focaccia


hummus, roasted red onion,   €8.00 c.v

olives & green leaf salad 

on red pepper & cumin loaf 



 Salads with Breads            

smoked salmon salad              €7.50c

with mixed leaves, seeds,
honey & mustard dressing
& pickled red onion 


roasted beetroot                       €7.50 c.v 

& carrot with marinated 

feta & rocket salad, 

balsamic house dressing 


cous cous salad                         €7.50 c.v

of fruit & nuts, 

basil pesto & tomatoes 



  Hott Stuff!  


organic irish salmon             €9.00c

fishcake, wilted   greens, 

sweet chilli cream & salad 


bacon, egg & potato              €8.00c 

omelette cake with 

tomato relish & salad  


crispy filo tart of goats          €8.50v

cheese, smoked 

aubergine & tomatoes 

with salad & relish


scrambled eggs with              €8.50v,c

chives, smoked salmon 

& homemade toasts




salami, cheddar,                      €9.00

caramelised onion 

& tomato 


feta, sun dried                          €8.00v

tomato, black 

olive & spinach 


home smoked                           €9.00

chicken, tomato ,

spinach  & brie 


smoked salmon,                        €8.50

capers, cherry tomato, 

rocket & cheddar   


Homemade Sweeties


chocolate & beetroot                 €4.50



hot apple & strawberry             €4.50c



fresh cakes and pastries           €2.00

in cake stand scone

with butter

& mixed berry subh 


muffin of the day                       €2.00


  Kid's Menu!  


chowder & bread   €3.50


triangle pizza           €5.00

with cheddar

& fresh tomato   


mini focaccia           €4.50



scrambled eggs      €4.00

and soldiers  


pork & apple           €4.50

salad with relish  




milk  €1.00

water  €2.00

orange juice  €2.00

soft drinks  €1.90


apple juice                     

glass €2.00          

bottle €5.00


  Homemade Sweeties  


mini strawberry      €3.50

& apple crumble


fruit salad                 €3.50

sweet muffin            €2.00


Builín Blasta              €0.90



grilled pork &                            €7.50 cfx

apple salad with crispy 

sage served with red 

onion & tomato relish 


green leaf salad with                €4.50c.v

toasted seeds 

& house dressing       


c=available in coeliac form

v=available in vegetarian form