Eric Byrne, Celtic Coin Jeweller

Here at Celtic Coin Jewellery we create a unique range of jewellery combining such diverse materials as silver copper and brass.

Also with Bog Oak and Connemara marble to create Jewellery and sculptural pieces.

Our signature range began using the Irish coin which were first adopted by the new 'Free State/saorstat Eireann' in the 1920s and the coins used in Ireland up to the introduction of the Euro.

So if you Find your birth year on a piece of our Jewellery it is instantly personalised. Such items include Cuff Links, Golf Ball Markers, and Brooches. We can also supply a beautiful line in Claddagh , Engagement and Wedding rings.

Last but not least our Celtic and fashion leather belts, bags, and wallets from Lee River Belts are top of the range.


Phone: +353 87 9711791